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Helping the children of fallen servicemen and women.

Our Mission

Educating and mentoring the children of fallen servicemen and women.

Our Commitment

We provide an enduring legacy for the children of fallen servicemen and women by giving them moral and educational support, combined with mentoring and professional advice. Our extensive mentoring network of industry leaders, all of whom have a forces background, are there to provide a leg-up through informal career mentoring.

Our team are all volunteers, with 100% of funds going towards Children of Heroes’ charitable aims. We enjoy the patronage of high-profile individuals but the charity remains discreet in order to protect the anonymity of the families with whom we work.


Children of Heroes have brought together an advisory board of well-regarded names across tuition. From leading learning specialists to top therapists in learning difficulties, to provide the most apt support.


Children of Heroes brings to bear the close knit Ex Forces networks who can advise, help, mentor, network and give a helping hand when needed to the children of fallen servicemen and women.


Children of Heroes provides the children of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice with a high standard of educational support, tuition, opportunity and simply put…help

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