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What we do

A mission to leave a national legacy

We believe there exist 350-400 children, who have recently lost a parent on active duty. At present there is limited provision for such families. Aside from the emotional impact and bereavement of losing a parent at a young age (an area SSAFA is doing some incredible work within), there are dramatic effects in practical terms. Rarely discussed are the effects on a child’s prospects, education, self-confidence and the narrowed horizons they look ahead to as they grow-up without that parent’s experience, contacts and advice.

Children of Heroes looks to give such children a helping hand with their Education, aspirations and horizon building. Whether that be through affording schools offering pastoral care, private tuition across areas of strength or enjoyment, experiences and introductions to inspirational people or through career Mentoring and internships we simply look to help each individual family where we can in these areas.

Our Mission is to leave a lasting national legacy providing a leg-up in life through education and mentoring for the children now affected and those of future conflicts. We aim to underpin this through corporate sponsorship of an individual child’s secondary education and by positioning hand-picked, successful & influential Ex Forces persons as career mentors.


Children of Heroes provides the children of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice with a high standard of educational support, extra tuition, opportunities and simply put…help.

Whether that be building and contributing towards Foundations with the likes of Giggleswick School and other well known institutions, introducing private tutors across a child’s strengths or interests, working alongside learning specialists or providing experiences to inspire and underpin self-confidence we look to set in stone a legacy of continued support for the children of our fallen.

We have brought together an advisory board of well-regarded names across tuition. From leading headmasters, learning specialists, leading private tutors and top therapists in learning difficulties, to help guide and steer us in providing the most apt support. Whilst looking to offer such options and help to a family we do not wish to add pressure to the child or family and remain conscious of this throughout the process. Similarly there is no one solution to our work and the help we offer differs from family to family.


With the loss of a parent comes huge emotional impact and bereavement. There are many charities working in this area providing some incredible support, SSAFA being one. What is often not considered are the practical implications. With the loss of a parent comes the loss of advice, experience, contacts, lessons learnt and the self-confidence and awareness to chase a broad horizon of opportunities and undertakings in life.

The benefits of a personal career networks to broaden what the art of possible is, facilitate introductions and lower the perceived boundaries and obstacles between opportunities are very clear. Children of Heroes brings to bear the close knit Ex Forces networks in support of the children of fallen servicemen and women.

Through ExFiL (Ex-Forces in London) we have over 1,300 retired forces officers and senior non-commissioned officer in successful new careers from whom we handpick the most suitable mentors.

Following advice from the Princes Trust and modelling our own Mentor’s Package on their successful 2-day offering we are shortly to run a Children of Heroes package to help build on the military skill-set accrued by our mentors.

We seek to establish a national, formalised career mentoring process, centrally organised in order to provide the children, in their mid-teens, with a personal network of 4-6 Ex-Forces officers as career mentors, who can advise, help, mentor, network and give a helping hand when needed.

Age sixteen is the most suitable age to introduce this. Whilst ensuring unnecessary pressure is not applied on a child or family on the decisions that lie ahead. Especially when many adults in their thirties and forties still remain undecided on which direction their career will venture.

We now have the vehicle and are looking for funding to allow us to accurately and intelligently bring this to bear support to bear.

Our advisory board of leading life mentors, councillors and notable inspirational & motivational speakers is being built out in support of this offering.